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Frequently asked questions about hiring (head) chefs
How does the collaboration with Chefs4Chefs and freelance chefs work?

You are the client and Chefs4Chefs is the supplier and contractor. You make arrangements with us for the placement of freelance chefs. 

When you need to hire a chef, we list your assignment and select the best candidate for your situation. The chef you hire is the contractor of Chefs4Chefs. Do you have any questions about the (head) chef, or do you have any problems? You can contact us, Cees and Michel (owners of Chefs4Chefs), directly and we will be happy to help you quickly. 

Since the introduction of the DBA Act (Assessment of Employment Relationships (Deregulation) Act, 2016), we work with (head) chefs on the basis of the 'Framework Agreement Freelance Chef.' This model agreement replaced the VAR (Employment Status Declaration), which was abolished on 1 May 2016. Chefs4Chefs was the first in the industry to introduce its own framework agreement, and this agreement has been accepted as a model agreement by the tax authorities.  

If an occasional assignment leads to a longer-term assignment, we offer you the 'Framework Agreement Client' to minimise liability risks. It is important to us that the relationship runs smoothly and that everything is properly arranged, which is why we record all agreements in advance.

What are the functions and levels of chefs that I can hire from Chefs4Chefs?

Chefs4Chefs has a network of over 350 freelance chefs with different kitchen functions, levels, and specialisations. From executive chefs to independent chefs, pastry chefs, and sushi chefs. We know each chef's skills, so we can act quickly to solve a staffing problem. Customer satisfaction is decisive in the selection of chefs, which is why customer reviews play an important role in determining the level. They are monitored on a daily basis so that we can provide you with the right solution.

How are chefs monitored for compliance with the DBA (Assessment of Employment Relationships Act)? 

The Chefs4Chefs (head) chefs have signed a framework agreement whereby they immediately comply with all the conditions set out in the DBA (Assessment of Employment Relationships Act) and this has been accepted as a model agreement by the tax authorities. When you hire a chef through Chefs4Chefs, it is always for a specific period and never for more than a few months. In addition, we require our chefs to work for other clients as well. At least twice a year we check that all levies and VAT amounts have been paid.

What rates does Chefs4Chefs charge? 

Chefs4Chefs charges different rates depending on

  • The position requested.
  • The level of the selected chef.
  • The type of assignment.
  • The duration of the assignment.

Would you like a quote for your assignment? You are welcome to contact us without obligation at info@chefs4chefs.nl.

Is the rate higher for an urgent assignment?

The first time you place an urgent request with Chefs4Chefs, we will contact you immediately to set a rate. Have you worked with us before? Then you will find the conditions and rates for an urgent request in the framework agreement. 

If an urgent assignment opens the door to a longer cooperation, the urgent assignment does not necessarily have to be more expensive than a regular assignment.

Is there a minimum number of hours required to hire a chef?

Yes, you hire our freelance chefs for a minimum of 7 hours. Other arrangements can be made for urgent assignments.

How long is the payment period? 

Chefs4Chefs maintains a payment period of 14 days, unless otherwise agreed in the framework agreement. The payment terms and conditions can be found in our general Terms and Conditions.

Does Chefs4Chefs work with a contract or a framework agreement? 

If you want to hire a freelance chef for an occasional assignment, a written assignment confirmation applies, and our general Terms and Conditions apply. For longer term or repeat assignments, we will draw up a customised framework agreement to which our general Terms and Conditions will also apply.

What is Chefs4Chefs' cancellation policy?

Chefs4Chefs is a committed partner, and we consider direct and personal contact to be extremely important. Cancellations can always occur and if they are made in good time and not too often, we will be accommodating. If you wish to cancel an assignment, this will always be done in consultation. Does the cancellation relate to assignments for a longer period of time or repeat assignments? Then the cancellation conditions are stated in the framework agreement. Article 4.2 of our general Terms and Conditions gives more information about the formal conditions that apply.

I have a question about my invoice. Who should I contact?

Do you have questions and/or comments about your invoice? If so, please email administratie@chefs4chefs.nl. We do our best to respond the same working day, otherwise you can expect a response the following day.