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Chefs4Chefs offers the perfect, affordable solution for every challenge in the professional kitchen
All functions and levels

Chefs4Chefs has a network of more than 350 freelance chefs, and thanks to our expertise, we know exactly who you need for what assignment. We know each chef's skills and can respond quickly to any staffing issue. From cover during illness to the opening of a new location.

Chefs4Chefs solves all possible staffing problems

We recruit the best freelance chefs for both temporary and long-term assignments. We are available 24/7 and are happy to help if you are in urgent need of replacement or additional staff. You can also contact us for advice on healthy staffing and professional kitchen projects.

Chefs4Chefs provides chefs for:



Leisure parks

Party catering

Business catering

In-flight catering




Achievements we are proud of

We enjoy working for an ever-growing list of clients. Over the past few years, Chefs4Chefs chefs have reinforced many professional kitchen crews. For the first 5 months of 2022, customer satisfaction with the chefs deployed averaged 8.6 (based on 295 completed scorecards) - an achievement we are proud of!

"Working with C4C is a guarantee of reliability, steady worker pool, and knowledge in the kitchen."

Erick Schinck 

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"During the first meeting with the gentlemen from Chefs4Chefs, I thought, ‘Well, here we are again with sweet talkers trying to place temporary catering staff.’ That hasn't been the case at all. We have been impressed by the way C4C places professionals in the right client environment, with great sensitivity to the person behind the professional. We have now seen several times how the Chefs4Chefs professionals make a difference and show their added value. You see it, you taste it and that is the ingredient for success in our catering."

Jos van der Kooij


"Chefs4Chefs is a partner that delivers quality, contributes ideas, and is pleasant to work with."

Magchelina van der Valk 

Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4

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NEN 4400-1 certified

Organizations with the NEN 4400-1 certification among others include:

  • Being one step ahead for new clients
  • Less risk of chain and hirer liability
  • Demonstrated that the administration is straightened out
  • Indemnification of liability for paying payroll tax and sales tax (under certain conditions)