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I am looking for work as a chef

Are you a freelance chef with time for new assignments? Then sign up with Chefs4Chefs! Are you still employed and looking for a challenge as an independent contractor? Then you can join us too! Over the past 12 years, we have built up a large network of small and large clients at home and abroad, and our freelance chefs carry out all kinds of assignments. From extra staff in the kitchen to product development, cooking demonstrations, food styling, and coaching during turnaround projects. Do these assignments appeal to you? Read below to find out what we are looking for and who knows, maybe you will be the one to join our Chefs4Chefs team!


Could you use some help getting started as a freelance chef?

All functions and levels

We have a well-established network of over 350 freelance chefs and know the skills of each chef. We can effectively help you find temporary chefs for any position and at any level.

Starting out as a freelance chef?

Are you not yet registered as a freelance chef, are you unsure if it is suitable for you, and/or do you have any other questions? You are welcome to contact us at info@chefs4chefs.nl. We guide chefs through the process of registering as a freelancer and can give you all the information you need about model agreements, tax returns, and all the other aspects you need to consider.

Work as a chef via Chefs4Chefs

In addition to the fact that our chefs have a love of cooking and good food, a Chefs4Chefs (Head) Chef is characterised by...

the multiple years of experience in the kitchen.

being a true professional.

always being present in good time.

knowing what is expected of them.

working independently.

thinking ahead.

their commitment.

making the most of their working day.

being a real team player.

being eager to learn.

taking responsibility.

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"For many years, I have been working, with great pleasure, for and with the team at Chefs 4 Chefs."


"Chefs4Chefs relieves the burden. Fast invoicing, clear communication, and a well-filled schedule."

Mahmoud Simiyari

"Everyone is super helpful at Chefs4Chefs. You have plenty of freedom, they are always easily accessible, but most importantly; they have great shifts."

Badr Salah

"Teamwork is the secret that has allowed me to work in unique locations with Chefs4Chefs."

Maria Bruineman

Register as a chef

Are you a freelance chef and do you want to register with Chefs4Chefs? Then fill in the form now and attach a recent version of your CV. As soon as we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange an introductory meeting.

If you are not already registered with the Chamber of Commerce and wish to become self-employed, you can also register with us. We can guide you through the registration process and take the time to inform you of the requirements for your business. We can also put you in touch with the right advisers to help you take your first steps as an entrepreneur.