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About us 

Chefs4Chefs was founded in 2006 by a team of experienced freelance chefs, each with their own contribution and passion for the profession! With Chefs4Chefs, we want to apply our knowledge and experience to professional kitchens, and having worked as chefs in various top kitchens in the Netherlands and abroad, we know better than anyone else what it is really like in the kitchen and what you might encounter. We have hands-on experience and want to make a difference together with you!

Chefs4Chefs has a network of more than 350 certified freelance (head) chefs, and we know each chef's skills. We apply a strict selection process and evaluate regularly to provide the best solution for your request. Expertise, entrepreneurship, commitment, and a proactive attitude are the keys to our success.

Chefs4Chefs is NEN 4400-1 certified, and we can see that our approach is successful from the growing number of clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our freelance chefs are in demand for all kinds of assignments and Chefs4Chefs is happy to provide the solution. How can we help you? 

We look forward to working with you!

The Chefs4Chefs team


Where Chefs4Chefs ends, Hospitality4Hire begins! 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find experienced service staff. We are happy to supply managing service staff. For example, party managers, hostesses, baristas, and top service staff.

Some days you can use an extra pair of hands, while other days you have staff to spare. 

That is why we work with freelancers. We have a large network in both the Netherlands and Belgium, which means we can always place the right service/hospitality worker in your establishment.


We set up our sister company Chefs4Care to bring our professional catering experience to healthcare facilities. Whether it is day-to-day operational support or advising on and implementing a new policy, Chefs4Care has the knowledge, experience, and chefs to ensure that a care home's kitchen delivers the best possible return. 

For example, we can help you control costs, advise on menus, and select the right suppliers to ensure that fresh and varied food is available for every budget and to reduce food waste. 

Assignments can be undertaken on the basis of Service Level Agreements or on an ad hoc basis.

Contact us

Would you like to hire a chef or cook for your kitchen and/or do you have another question? Please contact us without obligation. Want to register as a (head) chef at Chefs4Chefs? Then please use this form.