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Do you need extra hands in the kitchen for a specific time or for an extended period? And is it not possible to hire someone? Chefs4Chefs has a solution for every challenge. From handling production for large caterers, to filling in during illness, to providing cooking demonstrations at home and abroad. This way, you get the maximum revenue from your kitchen all year round!

All functions and levels

Chefs4Chefs has a network of more than 350 freelance chefs, and thanks to our expertise, we know exactly who you need for what assignment. We know each chef's skills and can respond quickly to any staffing issue. From cover during illness to the opening of a new location.

The best chefs

Based on your wishes and requirements, we select the best chefs from our network, making it easy for you to engage the right person for your assignment. Chefs4Chefs works with hotels, beach clubs, leisure parks, restaurants, party caterers, corporate caterers, in-flight caterers, care homes, hospitals, theatres, playhouses, stadiums, and concert halls, among others.

“For 95% of all requests, we provide you with the chef you are looking for within 24 hours!”

Professional advice you can count on

In addition to hiring extra staff through us, you can also come to us for honest and professional advice on how to get the best results from your kitchen. Think about organising and delivering catering for a company party or business event, opening a new location, launching a product or service, or product development. We also provide training to kitchen staff and advise on matters such as the creation of a commercial menu and the layout and flow of the kitchen.

Contact us

Would you like to hire a chef or cook for your kitchen and/or do you have another question? Please contact us without obligation. Want to register as a (head) chef at Chefs4Chefs? Then please use this form.